DB Rally Team, was started in 2003 as “Dutch Brothers Rally Team”. Although we aren’t real brothers, we are long time friends, and our initial team all had some Dutch heritage. Fast Forward to the present, shortened to DB Rally Team, most of the original members still exist, with a couple new honorary Dutch Brothers being picked up along the way.

DB Rally Team is:
Owner/Driver: Paul Willemsen
Co-Driver: Travis Bos
Crew: Jason Bos, Franks Ansbro, “Bec” Bos and anyone else that pitches in.

2003-2007: 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX (Production AWD Class)
2010-Present: 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX (Production AWD Class)

Major Contributors:
Hanks Electrical Supply
Magnaflow Performance Exhaust

DB Rally Team runs in the following rally series & sanctioning bodies:

California Rally Series [CRS] -|- Schedule -|- Rules -|

NASA Rally Sport [NASA] -|- Schedule -|- Rules -|

Rally America [RA] -|- Schedule -|- Rules -|

United States Rally Championship [USRC] -|- Schedule -|- Rules -|

Past Accomplishments:

  • 2012 Prescott Rally
    1st CRS GT, 3rd USRC Prod. AWD, 9th Overall
  • 2012 Gorman Ridge Rally
    1st CRS GT, 2nd USRC Prod. AWD, 5th Overall
  • 2011 High Desert Trails Rally
    1st Nasa / CRS GT, 7th Overall
  • 2007 Overall
    Rally America 2nd Place Southern Section PGT Driver
  • 2007 Oregon Trail Rally
    Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th, Sunday 3rd Region PGT
  • 2007 Olympus Rally
    8th Place Regional Open both days ~Tech. Inspection technicality bumped us to open class
  • 2006 Rim of the World Rally
    3rd Place CRS PGT, WSRC – 12th Overall
  • 2004 Rim of the World Rally
    Highest Flying Eclipse!! (Self Proclaimed)
  • 2003 SCCA / SOPAC
    2nd Place Driver / Co-Driver of the Year

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