Karting Adventures With Owen

Parenting a child is equally everything. Awesome, difficult, exciting, rewarding, challenging etc.. (and we’ve only been in this game for 8 years). Mostly it’s the best thing ever. We have two incredible kids, Hanna (8yo) and Owen (6yo). Hanna had a few minutes, at around 5 years old, as a quarter midget driver. She crashed and was done, like unwrap each finger from the steering wheel one at a time done. She wasn’t hurt just scared and her normally tan skin was ghost white. So a couple year later I decided to let Owen try karting. We did a few classes at Adams and he/we were quickly addicted.

Last year was Owens first season racing in Los Angeles Karting Club. I wrote most of the year off as experience for both of us. He started and ended that season in the back of the pack, but was racing against kids that already had 2-3 years experience. I was trying to learn the in’s and out’s and we were both busy. Season two for Owen started a couple months ago. That’s where we are today. Trying to advance his talents as a driver and get him up to speed for the next class in a couple years.

So this page is set up to record our progress from here on out, and share our collective experiences…

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