Prescott Rally 2012 Pre-Event

As we head into the week prior to Prescott Rally 2012, I’m reflecting on our previous attempt in 2003. The DB Rally team was still in a bit of a whirlwind being one of our first events ever. We didn’t have much Internet coverage then & didn’t know what to expect. Starting at night was probably a good thing, specifically due to the exposures (drop offs) we couldn’t see. Taking those same stages in daylight the next day, definitely proved to be slower when we could see the danger.


Our rally fell short on Saturday in 2003, when we went off, tried to turn a hillside into a quarter pipe, and the re-entry through a drainage ditch didn’t agree with our control arm. We were stuck with the wheel pinned tightly in the fender well. We got into mid-day service regardless, and fell short of time to make repairs for which we didn’t have parts anyway. However, Frank shined as his rally spirit was in full press. Even with an official tapping him on the shoulder to quit, “times up”, Frank wasn’t easily suppressed. He wasn’t going to give up, but the rally had to go on without us.


At awards ceremony we were awarded fastest rookie team, even without a full finish, I believe it was based on our Friday night performance. We were happy with that but disappointed with our DNF. However, we found some strengths within the team we didn’t know we had. We also found probably some of he best Biscuits and Gravy we’ve ever had! We vowed to return, not expecting it to take most of a decade.


Fast forward to 2012, in our 2003 WRX, we hope to finish the event and hopefully not take another 9 years to return.

Rally prep was more of just a cleaning, oil & filter change. A once over all the way around, and a new set of tires. After finishing well and without incident in Gorman, there wasn’t much to do except put a good eye on everything. Coming near 100k on the odometer, we’ll see if anything else pops up in Prescott.